5 Awesome Beach Camping Sites in Thailand

Thailand is blessed with nature’s finest, from crowded marketplaces selling local produce to the secluded beach camping spots that are almost deserted if you’re visiting at the right time of the year. This Southeast Asia country earns more than 2.53 trillion baht or 17% of their GDP from their tourism activities.

Here’s everything you need to know about Beach Camping in Thailand.

The Ideal Time to Visit

Although Thailand is fairly temperate and attracts visitors all around the year, the place is exceptionally attractive weather-wise from November to April. It is fairly cool and hence a major preference for a vast majority.

Beach Camping Spots

There are quite a few beach camping spots in Thailand seeing it has quite a few islands surrounding its water-locked region. Here are our top 5 picks:


Contrary to Koh Phi Phi, the KohLaoliang is a secluded spot with very few visitors and almost none of the day trippers. There’s a capacity to accommodate 40 individuals at a time and there are no resorts or plush living arrangements. This place can be reached after a 20-kilometer boat trip from Hat Samran pier, Trang to North Laoliang Island.

This place attracts both hikers and water enthusiasts. You’ll find families here lounging their way to freedom with children of all ages. Tents are quite average and maybe a little heavy on the budget given you’re supplied these amenities in the middle of nowhere. Food and life here may be expensive but the absence of crowds is well worth it all!

Laem Son National Park

Another crowd-free beach camping spot falls under the Laem Son National Park on the uninhabited KohKam Nui cluster of islands. Possibly the most striking part of this site is the absence of palm trees and pretty much all life forms. So if you’re planning to visit this site, make sure you’re amply prepared in terms of food – or you’re well versed in the art of fishing and cooking.

This area can be reached after a 45-minute boat ride from the nearest port. It is believed to be Thailand’s longest protected shoreline and hence offers a substantial break from life as we know it. There aren’t many lodging options available here so you’ll probably need to carry your own tent or book well in advance.

KhaoSok National Park

If water activities like canoeing and cliff jumping is something you can see yourself doing over a relaxing getaway, then this is the spot to be. This area is blessed with waterfalls, streams, limestone cliffs and caves. You can choose to trek over unfamiliar lands or just appreciate their beauty from a safe distance over the sea. Make sure you book your places and your activities well in advance. If you’re open for some true adventure, pack your own camp and set it up where the footfall is limited.

Erawan National Park

This spot is famous for the Erawan waterfalls, the mythical three-headed elephant that is discussed in some old documents. If you’re here, you have to hike all the way up to the seventh level and explore the true glory of the site. This place is also home to rare wildlife so you’ll be lucky to set your eyes on the natural dwellers.

KaengKrachan National Park

Not exactly a beach spot but this place is blessed with waterfalls, hot springs, caves, reservoirs, and mountains. So you can get the best of everything that Thailand has to offer in one place. You can choose to relax by the lake, take a swim or possibly hike over different trails. You can visit with family and/or friends to relish the experience of pure serenity.

Beach Camping Tips and Tricks

Ideally, you want to book your spots quite in advance so you’re not rushing into price hikes or falling short of places to stay. This would also include any and all activities you’re planning to get into.

If you’re visiting Thailand for a few days, chances are you won’t be carrying your camping essentials to a foreign state. And if this is true, you really need to weigh the pros and cons of renting versus purchasing camping gears in Thailand. Yes, you can look into options and choose to rent camping gear too! Know where to look.

For all of these places, look into options that allow you to visit without the burden of carrying your lodgings – unless, of course, having a truly natural experience is at the top of your priority list. If you like it better, you can choose to carry your own tent and equipment though it does add to your luggage.

It is always better to find your way to a local guide who is well-versed in the ways of the seas. You preferably want a native to take you places off the coast. Some islands and best beaching spots in Thailand are miles off the beaten tracks. Without proper direction, you could find yourself in a movie-like scenario struggling to survive.

Also, many places in Thailand seem to have a great nightlife – even the secluded spots. However, be on your guard and preferably have a guide hook you up in once-in-a-lifetime spots. You don’t want to lose your belongings when you need them the most. Also, travel insurance comes in handy.


With this, we’d wrap up your bulletin for beach camping in Thailand. Make sure you pack the right clothing and choose the right time of the year to avoid that sticky humid situation that makes life difficult. Find trusted friends and fellows who have already traveled to these far-off places before setting up your route. And once there, soak up all you can because that’s the only right thing to do! Happy beaching and camping.

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