4 Massive Ways Big Data Is Changing Search Engine Optimization

Big data is causing serious changes in lots of industries, but there is one thing tying them all together. Most companies around the world would like to rank higher in search engines. It’s the ultimate way to market your business for a large numbers of reasons.

Those businesses will be desperate to know how big data is going to affect the search engine rankings. After all, it could be the difference between success and throwing in the towel. There are definitely a few things smart marketers have picked up on recently.

Google is the main search engine we’re all concerned about and it’s turning content into data in ways we’ve never seen before. In the past, you could rank for almost any keyword if you built enough high value backlinks pointing towards it. Millions of businesses capitalized on the loophole.

Now it’s not so easy because Google is getting better at understanding the data. Ask a particular question in the search bar and you’ll notice it straight away. Answers are appearing on top of the page even if the website they’re on isn’t ranked number one.

If you work at an SEO company you’ll know about filter bubbles, but the average person might think Google is reading their mind. Whether or not you like it isn’t the point. They’re doing it and it’s affecting lots of companies in a negative way.

Customers might not see your amazing site based purely on their search history and other factors. Is this the best way to offer people the best content when they search for something? The fact big data is cool right now means it won’t go away even if it’s not.

Social media has an enormous amount of data points and search engines will take advantage of them more going forwards. This is a good thing if you enjoy posting Instagram photos and shooting Facebook videos, but it’s not ideal if you want to ignore social media altogether.

If these data points eventually have a bigger influence on search engine rankings some people will miss out. It will also force business owners to use more platforms, which will require them to put in a lot more work every day to keep their well-earned rankings.

Everything we’ve looked at so far is negative as far as marketers are concerned, but big data isn’t just going to help the search engines. One good example to use is analytics, because it’s becoming much more precise thanks to all the data now available at our fingertips.

Everyone running a website will agree knowing time on page, bounce rates, clicks, backlinks, conversions and other data can work wonders. Without this data you wouldn’t be able to do things like double your income by making a few simple tweaks within seconds.

Big data probably won’t change much in the grand scheme of things. Companies and search engines will keep competing to outdo each other. All the data we have available will simply make things more interesting. Search engines as we know them might not even be around in a few years.

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