4 Important Things You Should Know About the Use of Marijuana in Toronto

There is some confusion about the status of marijuana in Toronto. Part of the confusion has to do with proposed legislation that is currently being drafted, along with potential changes to existing laws. In order to make sure you remain on the right side of the law, it pays to understand the status of cannabis as it stands today. Here are four important things you should keep in mind until there are any changes to current laws.

Use for Medical Purposes is Legal

Thanks to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations that are currently in force, it is possible to obtain marijuana to help manage pain and provide other forms of relief if you have one of the specified health issues included in the ACMPR. Keep in mind that it is necessary to obtain a prescription from your doctor and the product must be obtained by a dispensary authorized by the government. You are also responsible for following all instructions and precautions associated with the use of the product.

Possession for Personal Consumption is Not Legal

While there are those who are advocating the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, there is currently no laws in Toronto that would allow for this type of usage. As a Toronto criminal attorney will confirm, being found in possession of marijuana without a prescription can lead to serious legal issues. Depending on how much you have on hand and whether there is evidence that you are attempting to sell as well as use the product, the actions of the court could be especially punitive.

Cultivating Plants for Uses Other Than Consumption is Legal

While personal consumption for purposes other than medical reasons is illegal, it is possible to cultivate and sell marijuana plants for other purposes. For example, you can grow the plants for the purposes of harvesting seeds, using the hemp for products like roping, and for grain and fibre production. In order to grow the plants, it is necessary to obtain a licence that is issued by Health Canada.

Without the licence, authorities will assume you plan on utilizing the plants for personal consumption. Remember to keep the licence up to date. Doing so ensures there are no lapses in the authorization and you won’t find yourself with serious and expensive legal problems.

Driving While Impaired Laws Do Apply

Even if you do have a prescription, choosing to use the product and get behind the wheel could lead to being arrested. If the usage impairs your judgment and interferes with your ability to operate a motor vehicle responsibly, you will still be responsible for your actions. The fact that you are impaired due to the use of a legally obtained product does not matter. You will find yourself in need of the type of help that criminal lawyers in Toronto provide to their clients.

Take the time now to learn about current laws related to marijuana and how a conviction would create consequences that would affect you for the rest of your life. If it’s already too late and you are facing allegations of any kind, secure legal counsel immediately. Doing so ensures that your rights in court will be protected.

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