106th Grey Cup Is Likely To Be Held In Edmonton Commonwealth Stadium

Recently, a press conference will be held for announcing Edmonton as the major site for 106th Grey Cup. This is likely to be held next year, 2018. This is going to be the fifth grey up hosting for Edmonton. On the other hand, this 2018 event is likely to celebrate its 40th anniversary of the well-known Commonwealth Stadium along with completion of nearly 70 seasons of the football matches of Edmonton Eskimos.

The previous four cups were hosted in the years 1984, 1997, 2002 and in 2010. Each match drew an audience of 60,081, 60,431, 62,531 and 63,317 on a respective scale.

More about the Edmonton history:

Edmonton is known to be following Calgary 2009 in the back to back Grey cups, which have been held in the same province. And similarly like Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary previously hosted this Grey Cup for a time span of four times. Regina is known to have hosted this gaming cup for three times.

After the grey cup in 2010 in Edmonton, four of the next seasons were hosted in Vancouver in the year 2011 2015 and in Toronto in 2012 and previous year 2016. And in these two cities, it was David Braley, who owned these home teams.

Well, Regina and Winnipeg were said to host these events, in the year 2013 and 2015 consecutively.  This game is now scheduled to be held in Ottawa for this year and it will start on November 26th, 2017.

More about the stadium and other info:

Hamilton is the new stadium, and have not played host since the time 1996. Montreal not held the game since 2008 and even Calgary was ahead of Edmonton technically, it was not considered to be a slam dunk that 2018 Grey Cup is about to be held in Commonwealth Stadium.

Furthermore, it was believed that Stampeders might have decided that the McMahon Stadium does not match the standard of the matches, which are to be played. This stadium is not quite effective when compared to the ones, situated in Winnipeg, Ottawa and Regina. Therefore, this stadium has itself eliminated from playing the role of a host of Grey Cup. They are now waiting for a new home and a new stadium for hosting further games.

Recent holding of the grey cup:

The current hosting of this mandatory Grey cup in the City of Champions in 2010 is regarded to be the most ballistic approach ever. It was the Edmonton Grey Cup of the year 2010, which holds the record of most tickets sold, which even include the whopping amount of 17,500 within the first four hours of the initial day, as it was available to the public.

When the second ay arrived, the total number of tickets sold hot the 52,747 mark. This event was co-chaired by Rick LeLacheur and Doug Goss. And this result was 12 days before the first ever pre-season game started. This ticket selling record is enough to prove the importance of this game among Edmonton people. They are now waiting patiently for this game to reach their home town in 2018.

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